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Monday, August 16, 2010

Photos of Great Lionel OO Models

Recently the on the OO Yahoo group and also on Facebook links were posted to a great album of photos of Lionel OO models. The below is an example from the album of something I have never seen, a tank car still in the factory wrapping.

The photos are among the best Lionel OO photos I have ever seen and the condition of the set is stunning. My main post on the topic of Lionel OO sets is here, and the set featured in the album looks to be a version of the below, introduced in 1939, with some extra equipment and track. From my earlier post,
The most expensive of the new sets was the 0090W at a price of $42.25, the super-detailed two-rail outfit. For your money you got the 003 locomotive with 003W tender, 0044 box car, 0045 oil car, 0046 coal car, and 0047 caboose, eleven pieces of 0031 curved track and one piece of 0034 connection track (no straight track), and a whistling controller.
Again the photos are beautiful, and thanks to the owner for sharing these online.

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UPDATE 2012: The album is gone now but the photo above is the one I referenced in the text. Mint condition models are still out there!

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