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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Scale-Craft 0-6-0

Back a few posts ago I noted that in advertising in December of 1941 Scale-Craft was pushing their new 0-6-0 model. These are uncommon, I have not seen many of these for sale, but I hesitate to say they are rare as they were in production for a good while before and after the war.

As to the prototype, they are based on a chunky, modern design made for the Chicago, West Pullman, and Southern by Baldwin in 1938. It makes some sense the design would have caught the attention of Scale-Craft as it is a local prototype and also the boiler diameter is large which allows easy application of one of their standard motors.

This model I have had for some years and occasionally get it out to ponder my options, which is why it is in pieces. The body is brass and it is difficult to mistake this for any other model. It was shipped with a standard S-C tender and compared to prototype photo in the Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 22 the locomotive is a pretty good representation of the original prototype, the cab however being somewhat elongated (to accommodate the motor).

I would love to get this model running someday and would prefer to use a standard DC motor. Which is the main problem; it is pretty much designed around that big motor and the standard S-C transmission. My model appears to be an early example as at some point S-C did a redesign of the model after the war. In the last catalog it specifically says “power is supplied by a Pittman per-mag motor through a worm gear.” That sounds good to me!

As implied above there have to be a couple variations of this model out there. One other difference I have noted is that in the Round Lake catalog it states that the model has boxpok drivers but mine above does not.

Organizing some paperwork a few days ago I noted that I had printed out an eBay listing of what was stated to be the factory pre-production prototype model. The listing closed in January of 2002 and I don’t know if it sold but the starting price was $575.

All in all this is a Classic and uncommon model to keep your eyes peeled for.

UPDATE: And this model is running again. See this article for more notes on the rebuilding.

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