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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Many Collect and Operate Model Trains in American OO Today?

I was recently asked “How many people model American OO scale?” and it is a good question.

Short answer: not that many. There are only a few actual operating layouts, I think mine may be the only one west of the Mississippi. In terms of eBay buyers and OO SIG members the number is probably less than 100 but there are a number of others that come at American OO as an extension of a pre-war Lionel collection and those I could not estimate. There are currently 70 members of the OO Yahoo discussion group and any given day this website has around 25 unique visitors, so there is some interest out there.

The low stats however are not a reason to not enjoy working in American OO! I certainly find it a great, classic scale that has a lot to offer. If there are specific things you wonder as readers contact me and I will try to address them, and I have a series of posts in development relating to the early years of American OO, be watching for those as we get toward the fall.

[The Scale-Craft hopper in the photo is from one of the great OO layouts, the Norfolk and Ohio of Carl Appel. More on this model here.]

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