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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eastern OO Gondola Sides

This summer has been one where I got a lot of projects underway (but not as many done as I would have liked) and purchased a couple random finds via eBay, which is where I purchased most of this complete set of Eastern OO gondola sides.

This is the set. I have not yet had the chance to work further on the partially completed gondolas in this post but this is the full run of sides; B&O, C of G, Erie, PRR, Rock Island, and T&P. Click on the photo for a better view. I particularly like the Rock Island and T&P sides as they fit in more with the theme of my layout, they will be built up into cars.

The end of the summer has been busy for me. Early on I did get the OO SIG Inventory in better shape and my own storage/organization systems worked out a lot better and I got a number of new projects underway which then stalled for a variety of reasons. As more are completed I will have them up in the blog, hopefully at some point in the not too distant future including a couple cars with these nice sides.

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