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Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Outside Braced Caboose

A last Green Brook post for now is on this caboose. It is an interesting scratchbuilt model on Schorr trucks.

On the plus side it needed very little work to return to operable condition, and while it could use a bit more restoration in the big scheme of these Sacks cars it is in pretty good shape. Also on the plus side is it has a nicely formed brass roof and sides. But on the negative side the roof is a hair wide, the cupola is I think a bit overscale (I don't want to measure it...), and there are no horizontal board details on the sides.

In any event the car runs great with the train of hoppers in the previous article. For now I will hang on to this car but at some point it may be donated to the OO Inventory.

UPDATE: One additional note on this car, and this applies to a lot of the old OO items out there; this would be very difficult to really rebuild, it was not put together with the idea of it ever being taken apart.

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