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Friday, June 4, 2010

OO Containers: Available Today

In working on the posts below it did not occur to me that, of course, full scale OO containers are available today from several sources in the UK. 1/76 modeling is alive and well there, if with one of three slightly different gauges of track than we use over here.

This photo for example is of a Dapol 40’ container, described more fully on this page.

Costs are very reasonable, details are great, and with being shipped internationally these containers are totally correct on our side of the pond and are seen most commonly shipped on double stack well cars. Cars to haul them on will need to be custom built or modified following the general methods of the Johann cars already highlighted, but certainly containers are available today for use in American OO.

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Anonymous said...

The container cars you have been noting over the past several weeks are very interesting.