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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nason Passenger Cars in the Shop

The topic of the previous post was “When to Rebuild.” Following up, I have been stripping some cars the past few days including in particular several pre-war Nason brass side passenger cars. The basic thing is as noted in the previous post some cars can be rebuilt and some can’t. I remember some years back an OO gauger I knew was busy trying to rebuild some J-C cars by stripping paint off the cardboard sides. To my mind that just had “bad idea” written all over it as the sides are the key to these cars. Paper side cars are really hard to do anything with unless you have new sides to use.

The key thing is you can actually get the brass sides off these Nason cars. It took some care but three of these four cars I had to pull all the pins out that held the sides on; none were glued on. With them free from the car stripping the paint off is a very easy matter. I intend to prep them as well as I can to smooth things out and paint them before they go back on the bodies. The bodies I am not however bothering to strip, they will paint over fine.

What we have top to bottom are a RPO, a coach, a modified Pullman, and a standard Pullman. The modified Pullman was in the SIG Inventory and was a project someone had started rebuilding but left incomplete. In terms of my layout I think that one will be a great car as 60’ cars really run better for me. The RPO was an eBay purchase from a Morlok seller. The Pullman at the bottom I have had for years and years and it was just begging to be rebuilt as it mostly had an iffy paint job and needed a few details tweaked. The last car to mention is the coach. That one I had a roof and sides for that came to me years ago as parts and I have had my eyes peeled for ends and other parts. On a J-C car that was in bad shape I spotted a Nason frame and an end, and I had another end in the parts box and other parts. I also have one unbuilt Nason kit for this same car and with that for reference I will be able to build not only the coach but also the group up to be nearly all original and a sharp group of cars.

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