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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Schorr RS-2 to RSD-4 Conversion

Another model that recently passed through eBay was this modified Schorr RS-2 modified with six wheel trucks. Dick G. forwarded these great photos which give us a better look at this interesting model.

There is such a thing as a RSC-2 with six wheel trucks, but that would have a different style of truck with evenly spaced axles, the middle being unpowered on the prototype. What we have here is a slightly freelanced version of an Alco RSD-4 or RSD-5. The prototype versions of the RSD-4 and 5 are relatives of the RS-3 so elements of the body style are incorrect.

However, the main difference is the battery box near the short hood or rather lack thereof. I think we can all agree this is a handsome model and that the battery boxes are missing is not a big problem.

Where this model gets different is the drive. The original drive has been replaced with a Hobbytown drive, of which the part number 261 is very visible in the final photo (click for a larger view). Dick notes that
The center gearbox on the Hobbytown 261 power truck looks narrow enough to be used in HO gauge. There is about a 1/16" space between the gearbox and the wheels on each side. The side frames are plastic. They snap onto two metal tabs on the center gearbox.

Over on the HO Seeker site we find on the parts list that Hobbytown 261 is the part number for the gear box cap.

I would be inclined to think it is a modified HO drive rather than a drive marketed toward OO gauge. The overall look of this model is great however. Thank you again Dick for sharing.

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