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Monday, May 10, 2010

An OO Scale Circus Stock Car

Two complete Cussewago Valley Railroad “OO” Gauge Scale Models 70" stock cars recently passed through eBay. In this post I described this car but the example was incomplete; the below car is complete. Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

To briefly review, Myron P. Davis produced a run of these cars and also a circus flat car made in the post-war era. According to Dick G. who provided these photos,
All the parts except for the coupler pockets are cast aluminum. The coupler pockets are stamped from some material that is not magnetic. They are not brass. The aluminum roof walk is composed of two pieces of unequal lengths. The longer piece is the same length as the roof walk on the aluminum box car.
These two cars match the circus flats in the earlier post. As Dick G. notes,
Both of the stock cars have Nason 3-rail freight trucks and stamped brass couplers. A couple of years ago, I bought 3 Cusawego 70' flat cars which also had the same style Nason 3-rail trucks and the same style stamped brass couplers.
The three-rail Nason trucks bring up the topic of operation. Dick G. adds that
It seems to me that these Cusawego stock cars & flat cars were run on track with an outside third rail after the war. If they were run on Lionel 3-rail track, I would think the cars would have Lionel or Scale-craft dummy couplers instead of the stamped brass couplers.
I think he is correct on the outside third rail operator theory. For sure there were good sized layouts still running with outside third rail then; the Saint Anne of Ed Costello ran into the late 70s just that way in fact.

An interesting car; thank you Dick for sharing.

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