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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crated Loads on a Revell Flat Car

One car I only recently learned was considered back in the day to be a good car to convert to OO was the Revell flat car.

This example was built up by Bill Johann with two crated loads. A catalog page with this car listed may be found here in the HOSeeker site; it was produced in the late 1950s and marketed at the time as an “extra long” flat car. In OO it would measure 47.5 feet long and is 9.5 feet wide; the Revell car thus is actually almost the same size as a Scale-Craft flat and with rivet details! It is a car to keep your eyes peeled for.

There is a photo of a prototype car with the same markings and a very similar load on the last page of The OO Road for April of 1989, which included an article by Johann on TOFC and COFC cars. I will follow up this article the next few days with posts on each type of car.

UPDATE: This particular model I have updated with roller bearing trucks, for running with my 70's-80's equipment.

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