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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Follow American OO Today on Facebook

For several months now there has been an American OO group on Facebook. At the suggestion of Phil R. I decided to also create a fan page for American OO Today.

If you make use of Facebook both of these have advantages and I would suggest joining both. The American OO group operates more like a traditional forum where members can exchange questions and notes, while the American OO Today page is set up so that if you are a fan (or, in the current Facebook terminology you "like" the page) you will receive on your Facebook main page an automatic RSS feed from every new post to American OO Today.

Setting up the page this morning I realized that I had not noted that in April American OO Today passed the two year mark. Think about how little was online about our scale just two years ago! The very first post, "What is American OO?" is here; I knew at the time that I had a lot to cover. The end of the post was, in reflection, sort of a mission statement for the site.
American OO was produced in large commercial quantities by Lionel and Scale-Craft, and in significant quantities by companies such as Famoco, Nason Railways, Kemtron, Schorr, and many other firms, primarily between 1935 and 1955. It is to the history and operation of these models today that this blog is directed.
Thank you for your support for this site and as always I welcome your photos and questions about American OO.

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