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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Canadian SW 1200RS, and Canadian OO Gaugers

One thing probably evident enough to regular readers is that with vintage OO models I find not only the models themselves interesting but also the people who made them of interest.

This particular model recently passed through eBay after the Morlok auction. It is based on a Super Scale NW-2 model but updated into an approximation of a model produced at the end of the run of that body style by EMD. The SW 1200RS according to the Model Railroader Cyclopedia of Diesel Locomotives is basically a SW 1200 “equipped for road service.” As such, “They have a large numberboard and headlight assembly at the front, Flexicoil trucks, and a large tank that partly surrounds the air reservoirs.” Canadian Pacific and Canadian National both owned examples.

This model looks generally similar to a Geep that I have and have been running on the layout a lot lately, it is on the mainline now! I bought it from Pierre B. and according to him this model came to him from Paul Grothé, who passed on seven or eight years ago. My Geep also has the crew and was similarly well made and detailed.

There used to be a fairly good sized group of Canadians in American OO gauge, but so far as I know their ranks are getting pretty thin. (UPDATE 2013: Sadly, with the passing of Pierre Bourassa, I am not aware of any active OO gauger in Canada.)

Back to this model, it is over the frame the same length as a Super Scale SW-1 but the hood is about 3/4" longer and has two exhaust stacks. According to Dick G. “it has a Pittman DC-71 motor & o-ring driving the front truck. The rear truck is powered with a flexible tube from the front truck.” These are Baker drive parts. Note how in the photo the builder worked over the trucks to resemble the Flexicoil road trucks. There are some details off a bit here and there but for sure the outline of the SW 1200RS is very clear. This is a very sharp model.

Thank you to Dick G. for sharing these photos of this excellent model.

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