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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A “Butter Dish” Milk Tank Car

Among the items donated to the OO SIG from the estate of David Sacks was this “butter dish” tank car. It was also the first car picked out from the new SIG Inventory site (see the current issue of The OO Road for details) and before it left Arizona I worked on it a bit and snapped this photo.

First, a brief note on this unusual type of car. While this one is freelanced and lettered for the fictional Bourne Curdled Milk, the car itself is prototypical; for more see this article on the prototypes. Only one car exists today, restored and in the Illinois Railway Museum. This photo is a great one of it.

This model is scratchbuilt. It suffered somewhat in storage; when it arrived in Arizona both trucks were broken. I was able however to put together a good pair of Famoco trucks from parts. The blue truck sideframe visible in the photo is original to the car.

There can’t be a lot of OO scale models of cars of this type around. May it roll more good miles at its new home.

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