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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Zuhr OO Gauge RPO

As noted in a prior post, Zuhr introduced their line of OO scale aluminum streamlined passenger cars in 1950. Especially if painted they build up into nice cars, such as the car below.

This one came to me from Pierre Bourassa and is a gem, a Zuhr RPO. In the previous two posts I focused in on this car as it was upgraded with MHP diaphragms and rides on Kemtron trucks. Now we turn to the car itself.

From the side view we can see he added vents to the roof and also cut off the side skirts to reveal underbody details. There were no underbody details actually supplied with the kits so Pierre had to come up with some of his own.

What he used to craft an underbody, seen in the bottom view, are mostly Nason parts. The frame is Nason as are most of the other parts. It is still I believe somewhat representational in nature but certainly much better than the original, plain underside of the car.

Also visible clearly in this bottom view are the Kemtron tucks described in the post below. Zuhr actually sold these cars with trucks that were made with HO Varney F-3 truck parts; an example may be seen in this post. I recently won an eBay auction of one of these cars with the original trucks and noted that the wheelsets were insulated on both sides, I believe to avoid shorting with all the metal parts (including metal frame) on these cars. The HO Diesel trucks were good enough for that day I guess but these cars certainly look much better to the modern eye on Kemtron or Schorr trucks.

The upgrades done to this car by Pierre certainly enhance the look of the model and show what can be done in American OO with a bit of effort.

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