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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Modern OO Passenger Trucks by Kemtron

On the car seen also in the previous post are found a pair of trucks of I type I have not yet blogged on; they are by Kemtron.

Kemtron Products Co. was active in the OO market from the 1950's-60's, (see this overview for more). Their TK-465 Commonwealth passenger trucks I first see listed in their first master catalog published in 1955. They are made of excellent lost wax brass castings and when set up well are nearly as free rolling as the comparable Schorr trucks. The box is the original with the original label and price of $3.25 a pair. [UPDATE: See the post above for another view.]

Besides this truck and the GP diesel truck I have also seen reference to two types of arch bar trucks by Kemtron, a no. 4 long and a no. 5 short. They are not listed in the Kemtron master catalogs though and I have never actually seen either of these either. I would welcome further information on these if readers have seen them. If they exist they should I would think have lost wax sideframes and not be sprung like the comparable Schorr arch bar design (my hunch being they are actually On3 trucks with OO size wheels).

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