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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Blue Die

Besides the Nelson Gray dies in the previous post there is one other actual die, of sorts, in the Nieter collection. It is a die for the late, stamped metal Scale-Craft boxcar end.

I am skeptical it is actually the die used to make this part however. It is made of a material that seems to me to be similar to epoxy, and while it could be used to press thin metal or paper into a boxcar end, reality is it is I think a die made from one of those ends from a resin material. The actual stamping dies should have been made of metal.

You can actually press very thin metal or paper in this die but in reality it is not that useful; it would work best with paper cut exactly to size first.

I doubt that Nieter made this die. It was with his molds but he was meticulous about labeling things and this has no label and the materials used are totally different than anything else in the collection. Mainly it remains just an interesting item.

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