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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three S-C Tenders

The standard tender supplied with the Scale-Craft 4-6-0, 4-4-2, and 0-6-0 is of a somewhat unusual, short design. While many OO gauge enthusiasts of the time just lived with this, content that it was a nicely detailed die cast model, others opted to modify it.

To the rear in this photo we find a standard S-C tender and a stock, plain-vanilla 4-6-0. To the front are two modified tenders. The one of the left was nicely done by adding a layer of something like sheet Bakelite to the bottom of the tender. It has modified Scale-Craft passenger trucks. The one on the right has a thicker layer added of wood. It was built by David Sacks and was recently donated to the OO SIG.

The Greenbrook tender honestly is a bit too tall. I like the visual proportions of the medium tender a lot however. Seeing it really makes one wish Scale-Craft had made the original tender that height. Since taking the photo I have switched the trucks off that tender, they are needed on express reefers I have in progress. When I use this tender it will get Nason trucks for better contact and a better look.

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