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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Parts in Old Molds

As has been noted a few times now, a fairly recent purchase was the Nieter molds. Pierre B. needed a new pilot for a Lionel Hudson project; I recently traded him the Hudson in this post for a Nason Hudson, actually, and in transit to him the Lionel pilot broke. As Temple Nieter left his last part cast in each mold, that last Nieter original was sent to Pierre but it seemed like a good time to try the molds out with Cerrobend.

This photo shows the results. The mold on the left is the Nieter mold for the Lionel pilot, the second mold he made for this actually and I have both. It dates to the early 1970s and it worked great other than one of the divisions between one of the boiler tubes in the pilot let go, so I have to use these with care. A part I cast in this mold is in the photo with it.

The mold on the right is a mold I made of a different molding material in the early 1980s, and the castings with it are a pair of castings from this mold, reproduction Eastern/Famoco boxcar doors. I have seen these same parts on eBay recently actually, and the ones for sale look to be Nieter copies cast in a mold I also have in the collection. My doors came out well in the old mold.

I have yet to fully inventory what I have of the Nieter molds, but after I get cleaned up with taxes and such I will be posting about them more. Most of them are certainly still usable, and between molds I made and molds from Nieter I have usable molds for over 100 OO parts. If you have any specific needs such as Pierre had I may be able to help you out.

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