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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More on the Famoco GG-1

There was some recent discussion of the Famoco GG-1 on the Yahoo group, and a reader provided these photos which illustrate the late version of this model well. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Famoco produced two versions of this model. In my prior post you can see the early, sand cast version. This model in its box is however the post war version, two rail, dual power, permag motor. The parts are all laid out ready to build the model. This was also marketed in a HO version. The body is die cast and the lines of the model are attractive! I have no need for a GG-1 for purposes of my layout but someday I would still love to own one of these classic models.

The third photo is of another model in the same collection, this one an original body paired up with a number of reproduction parts by Temple Nieter. I have most if not all of the molds he used to make the small parts in the below photo, and this was a model he had special interest in. The last version of his parts list, dated June, 1980, has this most interesting text: “Altho not listed, I am trying to mold the Famoco GG-1 body in a single casting, using as pattern the two halves, joined, (original lead-alloy parts used).” From this I gather that he was trying to make all the parts for this model. He got close but I have no body mold for this model. I am thinking however that with more modern materials it would be possible to reproduce the body in halves as originally set up but cast in a plastic resin. No time right now to explore this, but perhaps some other year.

Until then, if you need a part or two for this model, feel free to contact me and I may be able to help out.

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