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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Schorr Twin Hopper and Caboose

Two cars that I don’t own examples of that are among the nicest ever produced in American OO are the Schorr twin hopper & caboose. They were brass imports from Japan.

Dick Gresham supplied these sharp photos of cars from his collection. First we have the twin hopper. Comparing it to the triple hopper in the page linked above you can see they are similar models and were pretty up-to-date models when produced in the early 1950s.

The second photo is of the caboose. This is a great car and one that if you see it you know it is a desirable item.

The thing about Schorr specifically today is it has something of a crossover market of people interested in American OO and people interested in early brass imports. Even if a collector is not specifically interested in OO it is such a unique size that my theory is once you hold some in your hands you want more.

Either of these models actually only rarely shows up on eBay although you never know, there might be three of them show up next week! Because that is the number of Schorr RS-2 diesels that sold on eBay just yesterday, two of them lettered for the road of Fred Schorr himself, the Yorkville and Western. I have a photo of a couple of these RS diesels in an older post and I also just acquired one from a non-eBay source. Mine has some fairly serious condition issues and was modified (bottom of shell cut out) to use the drive that was shipped out with the Kemtron GP-7 kit. If I can get that drive to work it may find its way into my Kemtron GP-7 and with the model modified already my RS may end up as a RSC-2 or an RSD-2 depending on how I work out the drive. I would like to work with some Athearn components to really make it a runner. More on that in a while.

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