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Monday, January 11, 2010

Post-Morlok Auction eBay Action and the Top Ten for 2009

The American OO action is heating up at eBay right now, with I believe as of this moment around 30 items from the Morlok auction on Saturday already up on sale just two days later. I see items including a number of the Moale trolleys, a Johann 2-8-2, a Schorr RS-2, a Nason gas-electric, other locomotives and freight cars, and a number of rare building kits such as the example below, which is a beautifully built up version of the Maxwell/S-C Gold Nugget Dance Hall (more here). Now is certainly the time to get to watching, I believe the number of rarely seen items up on eBay in the coming weeks will be unprecedented.

I have heard from a couple sources at the auction that the attendees were a mixture of those actually knowledgeable in OO and those who were dealers with an eye for the unusual being worth something. If you are reading this after the auction and are from the latter category, welcome to the world of American OO! Many of the items you may have purchased at the Morlok auction are actually described somewhere in this site, and hopefully the OO bug will bring a bit more new blood into the gauge, including maybe you.

While I know there are a fair number of regular readers out there (thank you!), site statistics show that 57% of the traffic arriving at American OO Today comes from search engines and this past week has been a peak week. With that in mind and as a service to those new to OO gauge, the top ten landing pages in the site during the year 2009 were the following, in order from 1-10 with the top post being strongly number one for the year. Click through to see the full articles. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The prices of all the sales through lot 522 at the Morlok auction (I am told there were actually over 600 lots) are now posted. Quite a few bargains were had, but I am also told some of the lots look better on paper than they actually were.

ALSO: Some more brief thoughts on Ed Morlok and a photo here. (This article also updated with photo).

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