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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Famoco OO Box Car, B&O Sentinel

Another surprise in my purchases from the Morlok auction was this very nicely built up Famoco boxcar. It was in a Famoco box (surprise!) and needed absolutely no adjustment to put right on the layout, coupler height and wheelsets were all spot on standards.

I have posted on the history of Famoco in general previously so I don’t have a lot more to add to that. This specific car is one of the nicest Famoco cars I have seen built up, and this looks to be all original other than the Kadee couplers.

In the bottom view you can see the easiest way to ID a Famoco car; the frame is clearly marked Famoco. The frame is not a single casting; one casting is used for each half. Click on the photo for a larger view. Also it is worth mentioning here again that Famoco and Eastern OO box and refrigerator cars share perhaps 75% of the same parts and their production runs overlapped.

Among the Famoco kits in the lots I purchased were a couple with hand-written notes in them in the hand of Temple Nieter. He had apparently purchased these kits from someone who had taken out some of the parts and Temple substituted other similar parts. Some of these kits are duplicate kits for me and will be put on eBay over time, after I have a chance to inventory them for parts to be complete and all original as much as possible.

My final post (for now) on what I purchased from the Morlok auction tomorrow.

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