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Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Nason 4-6-4 Parts

One significant OO model to this point only mentioned in passing in my initial overview of Nason is their sand cast bronze Hudson. One recent purchase was a pair of Nason 4-6-4 tender trucks, and I have had this frame for some years as well.

On the locomotive parts you can clearly see the “circle N” logo cast in the parts; click on the photos for a larger view. The tender trucks are insulated for two rail operation.

As I write this post there actually is a Nason 4-6-4 nicely built up for sale on eBay that will close soon. I write this knowing that there must be several people watching it that have also already figured out it is a Nason Hudson and it should sell for more than I can afford. Also, I should mention that I have no relationship to that seller, who seems to have a number of classic OO items in the pipeline, the items with photographs in front of a yellow background.

The Nason Hudson is a pre-war product with a lot of sand cast bronze parts. The model was introduced in 1936. Hugh Nason and his partners must have been very unhappy when Lionel copied them with their die cast Hudson in 1938. It was introduced as three-rail but was produced in two-rail as well. Pricing depended on when and how you purchased the kit. In the final Nason catalog (1940) a kit that contained only the 58 rough castings of the locomotive would set you back $18, while a complete, machined kit for the locomotive ran $34 for three rail and $38 for two rail. It was also available in sections, with the tender being section 6 that sold for $7. In short a complete kit for the locomotive in a form I would feel comfortable trying to assemble ran something over $40. And the most deluxe OO gauge outfit Lionel sold with a 4-6-4, four cars, and track listed for $42.25 in 1940. The math was not good for Nason.

For that reason, to my mind anyway a Nason Hudson should be more valuable than any Lionel Hudson as it is much more rare, especially one built up well. I will update after this post what the one now on eBay sold for. UPDATE: It sold for $180. I think the buyer got a good deal on that.

A final note for the day would be it has been interesting watching auctions these days. A nicely built up Scale-Craft 0-6-0 with a scratchbuilt tender sold for a song at $51 while an S-C 4-6-2 really got some bidder interest, selling for nearly $450. I suspect part of the reason is I have posted articles on the 4-6-2 but have not yet posted anything specific on the 0-6-0. I have several posts underway that will come sooner than the 0-6-0 post (I own one) but I will try to keep posts on models such as this, not yet covered, coming out. And if there are models you are wondering about feel free to contact me, I will try to work them in sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: A photo of a Nason 4-6-4 in action may be seen here (scroll down).

UPDATE II: Photos and descriptions of a nearly complete set of castings for this model may be found in this article.

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