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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Couple S-C/Lionel Comparisons

While taking photos today I also took a few that are comparisons of different models of the same car. Click on the photos to see the differences more clearly.

First we have Scale-Craft and Lionel cabooses, S-C on top and Lionel below. Outwardly they look quite similar, the bodies have differences but they are on the whole surprisingly small. The most obvious spotting features are the trucks and the cupola windows. The Scale-Craft trucks have a somewhat more toy-like appearance than the Lionel trucks, and the windows are larger in the Lionel model. These two particular cars have had a few extra details added, especially the S-C car as I added new brake wheels. The Lionel car was rebuilt from a junker quite recently (the wheel sets have been replaced with those from English’s Model Railroad Supply) and the S-C car was done back in the early 80s.

To finish our comparisons we have a group of hoppers. These are all unpainted which lends a bit more clarity the comparison. The Lionel car, in the middle, is slightly more detailed overall with ladders cast into the body. Which makes sense; they could use the Scale-Craft model as a starting point and improve on it. The model on the bottom is the Schorr triple hopper, an early brass import. The trucks for this car are on the middle left (not very clear in the photo) and are widely considered to be the best ever made for American OO. The trucks on the Lionel car also have replacement wheel sets, these being by Ultimate.

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