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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two New Vintage OO Locomotives for the Roundhouse

It has been several years since I purchased an OO locomotive, but two came up recently in a private (non-eBay) sale for me that I am excited to have.

The older of the two is is a Scale-Craft 4-4-2. This model was introduced in 1938 and produced until WWII. It is die cast and uses a number of the same parts as the more common 4-6-0, which was introduced in 1937. This model as of this time is non-running. It can returned to operation but it will take some time to sort out the issues. I will most likely replace the motor with a modern motor as this model will fit in well with the theme of my layout.

The older looking model is a Nason Railways P5A. This is a classic OO model introduced in 1934 (!) and produced until WWII (with castings available from other makers after WWII). It is sand cast bronze and quite substantial! This one is nearly complete and has a newer motor installed (I can see the marking "Made in Japan" on the bottom of the motor so it is not the original) but is currently also non-running. I look forward to working over both of these models in the coming years.

UPDATE: It took a while but both are now up and running. 4-4-2 here and P5A here.


Phil said...

Were you able to get the Nason electric running yet?

John Ericson said...

No. Actually I am concerned that even if it was running it would not track on my layout due to the Nason flanges not working well on my turnouts.

John Ericson said...

But see the update! Both are running now.